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Magico New S3
Neue Magico S3 2023

Magico S3 2023 - jetzt vorführbereit

München HighEnd 2023 - Robert Harley über die neue Magico S3 in seinem Best of Show review in The Absolute Sound:
"...Had I not known the speaker I was listening to, I would have thought it was a $100k+ model. This is the first Magico model to benefit from technologies developed for the $750,000 M9.
The S3 was utterly liquid, spacious, refined, resolving in a musical way, and with surprising bass extension...

The Magico S3 is by far the least expensive speaker in my Best of Show list, but it’s right up there with much higher-priced products...
Best Demo ...the S3 demo showed what was possible from this overachieving new speaker...."
The 2023 Munich High-End Show: Robert Harley Reports from the World’s Premier Audio Event - The Absolute Sound

Magico S3 2023; best introduction and best of show AXPONA 2023 by THE ABSOLUTE SOUND: 
“ ...cabled by Stealth and Veda. Put simply, the S3 was a knockout. It had extremely deep-reaching bass (measurably flat down to 20Hz), which was a surprise in these small rooms from 9″ drivers, rich tonality top to bottom, very solid imaging, and exceptional detail. (It was just wonderful on male vocals from the Blind Boys of Alabama.) ...”

First press review Magico S3 2023:

Magico S3 2023 first impressions:

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